Our church believes in caring for (and sharing with) one another, our community, and our world. This belief is manifested in the ministries we pursue and in the fellowships we share.

Ministries are the works we do in love for those in our community and the world. Ministries connect our church, in the spirit of service, with the needs of people both near and far. God has blessed Elbert Presbyterian Church to be able to offer several ministries vital to our community (described below).

Fellowship is the bond between believers in our Lord Jesus Christ. As Pastor Jim has said, fellowship is an indispensable part of the intricate weave (along with faith) that makes us strong as believers in Christ. Our church encourages fellowship in its many forms within this body of Christ.

zimbabwe_missionZimbabwe Mission

The Zimbabwe Mission is interested in spiritually guiding and materially assisting the needy in that part of Africa. If you are interested in helping the Renewed Hope Charitable Foundation, Inc. (founded by Ralph and Roberta Pippitt), please go to their website.


Interested in volunteering for one of our church’s ministries or activities? Try taking the spiritual gifts self-test first, to familiarize yourself  with your probable gifts. Then, please call the church office 303-648-3665 or contact Pastor Jim for details.